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Projects / Clients offers web design options for a number of clients creating custom templates and providing a place to create a site on the network starter accounts are free to get started and the supporter account is 5.00 per month the cost helps cover maintenance of the server and updates this is a great deal if you already have an existing domain and just want a place to point your domain to allowing you to focus on content rather than searching a million plugins to find something that works, we have the basics covered and if you need additional plugins (compatible) please contact me and I will consider adding those as well.
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Micheal Barrett

DJ Mar N Dean takes a hobby approach to web design which is why his main focus is on small websites such as blogs and artist pages for music producers. if you would like to have a website designed or templates that you can load into your WordPress website send me a message below and I will get back to you. Custom Headers, Footers, Front Page Designs to work with a compatible themes. 

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Latest Posts posts regular updates on his website regarding music, web design, gaming & computer systems, he is also writing articles about crypto currencies as he explores  the unknown.

About is a network community website built and managed by Dean Barrett a fellow music producer that loves creating and experimenting with electronic music, since 2013 he also shared a passion in web design and creating social groups.  and started The Music Talent as a promotion group to help bring artists together.
The Cootason Blog is a multi topic blog covering things like my web design experience, gaming interests music production and crypto-currency’s.

The Mission for the Cootason Network is to continue blogging and if friends or interested musicians are interested in having a small blog or website feel free to contact me on the form below to express your interest.

If you are interested in listening to some of the music I produce I work with a small team of producers you can check out DJ Mar N Dean or Micheal N Dean project pages to learn more.

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Interested in my website have questions about a blog post or looking to create your own website on cootason? please contact me using the form below.
We hate spam as much as you do and I only respond to emails sent in from the contact form below I do not believe in sending out spam emails.